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I have a new computer, how do I move my software and my data to the new computer?

FIRST: Install the original software on your new computer. This will re-install the software with a blank database on the new computer. It is important that you install the same version of the software on the new computer that you were using on the old computer.

SECOND: Move your data. All of the data is contained in one file, named sweet.db. This file can be found in different places, depending on the version of Windows and the version of the software. You may find it in the folder where the software was installed, generally the SoftEssentials folder under the Program Files (x86) folder - in other words, C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftEssentials. Another place you may find it is C:\ProgramData\SoftEssentials\Vending Essentials.  Another place you may find it is C:\Users\[YourLoginID]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\SoftEssentials\Vending Essentials. You may need to perform a general search on your computer to find it. If you do this, the search may turn up more than one copy. If that happens, check the modified date of the file. The file with a modified date that is the same as the last time you used the software will be the active copy of the database file that you want.  Note: In order to find the sweet.db database file, you may need to un-hide the files and folders that are usually hidden by default in Windows.  If so, see "How to turn off hidden folders..." elsewhere in this knowledgebase.

Copy that database file to some other portable storage medium (CD, jump drive, etc.). Then take that copy to the new computer, and verify where the copy of the new, blank sweet.db database file is (you may need to search for it there as well). Then copy the sweet.db database file from your old computer over the sweet.db database file on the new computer. Make sure you keep the database file named sweet.db.
Once you have copied your database file to the new computer, you should be ready to go. The password you used to login to the software is stored in the database file, so whatever password you used on your old computer will be the password you still use on your new computer.

UPGRADES. If you want to upgrade as part of this process, first install the old version of the software you had on the old computer, then move your data (as described above), then install the new software upgrade. You need to perform the steps in this order so that the software and database stay in synch. You will get errors if you upgrade your software first, then restore an older database file to the upgraded software.

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