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Vending Essentials Premiere - Features


Vending Essentials Premiere provides you with flexible and effective ways to manage your revenue and your expenses. Premiere makes analyzing your information quick and accurate.

  • Compare sales revenue
  • See product revenue performance
  • Find trends and patterns
  • There are many analysis tools provided in the Graphical Analysis Tool (GAT). Operators can choose to view expenses in pie charts bar graphs, area graphs, or line graphs and can easily click on portions of a graph to drill deeper into a specific expense, or revenue amount.
  • Maintain and store revenues. Over time this historical revenue information becomes a valuable resource that operators can analyze and use to make educated business decisions.
  • Track and create your own expense types like Office Expense, Travel, Inventory Spoilage, etc…
  • Make sense of the revenue and expense data that is collected through the many accounting reports and graphs avalable.
  • Compare Gross Sales and Meter Sales and quickly see any overages or shortages between the two.
  • Average machine collection amounts.
  • Profit and loss reports. This gives operators an overall bottom line on their business.

With Vending Essentials Premiere you are better equipped to analyze and make good decisions about the position of your business.

Inventory Control

Inventory control can be a difficult aspect of any industry. With the inventory control module available in Premiere operators can keep track of current inventory amounts, and any manual adjustments made to inventory.

  • Quickly see inventory purchases and inventory re-order needs. Giving operators a handle on knowing what product to take with them.
  • Operators can quickly calculate and document individual costs per unit, record critical inventory levels for each product if needed, purchase dates and product expiration dates.
  • Optimize your stock levels.
  • Very easily track supplier costs and product quality.
  • Efficiently view inventory histories to see where a product came from and where it went.
  • Set re-order and critical levels so you don't run out of the 'hot' selling items.
  • The Graphical Analysis Tool (GAT) provides several inventory graphs to compare product costs over time as well as compare supplier price differences.

Machine Location / Detail

With Vending Essentials Premiere software you have the power to illuminate your business and to track it the way you want to. Starting with Locations and Machines you can create and track your own pieces of information that you need for your business.

  • Quickly and easily see detail information about a locations, machines, products tried, machine maintenance, etc.
  • Locations can be grouped into different categories like 'Soda', 'Snack', 'Toy', 'Charity', 'Commercial' - whatever categories operators decide they want to create and use. Categories allows you to analyze your business and determine which category makes the most or the least revenue. This category information can then be cross referenced with product category information and inventory purchases to see a bottom line for each category or segment of your business.
  • Compute commissions and sales tax.
  • Create, and define your own custom attributes (new with Premiere) for each machine, and Location. Operators may choose to create fields like Asset Number, Operating Cost, Board Number, or anything else that operators may need or feel they would like to track. Of course, any data fields that operators create are automatically searchable and query ready.
  • Machines can be dragged and dropped from location to location to move them around or from the beginning of a route to the end of a route to adjust the route order of machines on a route.
  • The 'Replicate Machine' feature enables operators to very quickly input all of their machines

As stated earlier, operators can be as detailed or as generic as they choose to be when dealing with their location information. Premiere allows for operators to document whatever they feel is important for their unique business.

Contact Manager

Through the normal operation of business, we network and establish relationships with other people, companies, and organizations. Vending Essentials Premiere provides a contact manager to record and keep track of the business relationships that you establish as a Vending Operator.

You can track any piece of information that you deem important on your contacts by creating your own data fields. You can make notes on your contacts and always have that information available by viewing all the note history for a specific contact.

The Vending Essentials Premiere software and contact manager is a convenient way to keep all of your business data and business contacts in one concise easy to find and use location.

Service Data

All of your information really begins to come together when recording service information. Vending Essentials Premiere provides an easy way for you to enter your service information.

  • View profitability amounts for individual products as well as individual machines.
  • Track account locations and account commissions.
  • Track individual location revenue and commissions.
  • Automatically calculate sales tax amounts for different products at different rates if needed.
  • Perform route scheduling functions.
  • Instantly see sales and daily averages.

Vending Essentials Premiere allows you to enjoy powerful software functionality without the powerful price.

Sales Tax and Commissions

Sales tax and commissions can be a headache, but Premiere has taken all the guess work out of it and made it easy to manage.

You can be as flexible as you need to be with sales tax. Be it assigning different rates to products in the same machine or documenting different rates at a single location for different product types (Food vs. Beverage for example).

Compute your sales tax off the Gross or the Net revenue. Decide if you want a regular traditional computation of sales tax, or if you want Premiere to remove the tax first before the calculation so you do not pay tax on the tax.

Likewise with Commissions. Do you pay a percentage amount, or a flat rate each time you service your machines. Is there a monthly amount that you pay? Do certain machines at a location require a different commission type? Not a problem for Premier.

Operators can easily choose the method they want to use for their business.

Route Schedule and Reports

Vending Essentials Premiere makes route scheduling automatic.

By assigning the frequency you wish to service your route or machines Premiere will automatically compute your service dates for you. With each service Premiere will automatically schedule the next service for you.

Color coordination on the screen lets you quickly see routes and machines that are close to needing service, as well as any that are overdue, and any that need special attention.

Route Reports or Route Tickets - Allow you to easily service your routes with all the information needed to run your route more efficiently and make better decisions regarding your machines and products in the field.


Premiere has a very powerful reporting system. You can perform your own custom searches and produce your own reports as well as utilize the extensive built in reporting features which include:

  • Route servicing reports
  • Commission reports
  • Product analysis reporting
  • Product usage reporting
  • GAT (Graphical Analysis Tool)
  • Inventory reports
  • Expense reports
  • Profit/Loss reporting
  • Accounting
  • Gross sales
  • Complete histories
  • And much more ...

These types of reports, in addition to the many others not listed, are just one of the many tools that give operators quick and accurate information to help them move their business forward.

Product Ranking

Knowing where your products are, where they have been, and how they have performed as well as how they are currently performing is one step to running a successful vending business.

Vending Essentials Premiere provides you with several different ways to view your product performance, both present and past so you can make decisions for the future.

Profit and Loss Margins

Since Vending Essentials Premiere has all the information it needs, as you fill in service information, it will compute a profit margin for you, if you have auto-compute enabled.

  • See profit margins for each individual product in a machine as well as the overall profit margin for the machine as a whole.
  • Color coding adds the enhancement to make something that is under priced stand out very quickly to you so you can make a correct business decision on price.
  • Graphical Analysis Tools (GAT) are a click away that allow you to compare through easy to understand graphs like location performance, product performance, different product categories that you have assigned, revenue history for specific machines and more.

Graphical Analysis Tool

The GAT includes over 20 different graphical tools to monitor the performance of your business. The graphical features of Vending Essentials Premiere allow quick and easy dissemination of information. Through graphs it is much easier to spot trends or patterns than when researching through raw data. Just a few of the graphical tools with Vending Essentials Premiere include:

  • Product sales history graphs let you see how a specific product is performing across all locations. Drill down capability allows operators to dig into a specific location for that product and see how it compares with other products at that location, or operators can choose to view a specific product at a location and view product performance over time.
  • See how product performance at one location compares with product performance at other locations, or how the specific product has performed at the specified location over time.
  • View your expenses as a pie chart, area graph, line or bar chart, which ever is more intuitive for you.
  • Machine performance graphs let you see a specific machine at a specific location and view sales over a given date range comparing gross sales, net revenue, and meter revenue. This one allows you to easily see differences in Gross vs Meter revenue and determine if any patterns have developed, either cyclical sales that would then lead to more product research and allow you to determine what products sell best during which times of the year.
  • Location / Product comparison graphs let you find your hottest product or your hottest location with ease and adds drill down capability to find out when and why that specific location or product is doing so well.
  • Product Cost Analysis lets you compare product costs at the individual unit level to give you a good reading on which products are truly costing you the most and compare product unit costs of the same product with different suppliers.
  • Product usage graphs let you see how a specific product is performing across all locations. With drill down capability you can dig into a specific location for that product and see how it compares with other products at that location.
  • Location performance graphs work with the Location / Product comparison graphs to provide operators with visual information on all the locations in you business, current or past.

These are a few of the graphical reports available in the Vending Essentials Premiere software.

Complete Histories

Nothing goes undocumented in Vending Essentials Premiere. Every service that is recorded to both locations and machine, any notes that are written any expense that arerecorded or inventory that is purchased, used, or adjusted is recorded so that you can use that historical knowledge to make better decisions for the future and monitor the progress of your business.

Many reports and graphs derive useful information for you from this historical data bank.

Backup and Export Data

All of your data is stored in one, password protected and encrypted data file.

This makes backing up your data, restoring it, or transfering it a snap using any backup and recovery system that you prefer.

Ease of Navigation

To help operators maneuver and find information, Vending Essentials Premiere uses a tree view to display All Locations, Current Locations, Routes and Unlocated Machines. By expanding the items in the tree view (clicking the + sign) you can see the machines at a location, or the items in a machine. Select any item in the tree view and the detail on the right part of the screen will appear for that item.

  • Selecting a location will show the detail for that location.
  • Selecting a machine will show the detail for that machine.
  • Selecting an item under a machine will show the service information (date serviced, route, money collected, etc.).

You can use the mouse, or the arrow and tab keys, to maneuver in this window. The tree view gives you the ability to drag and drop machines from location to location, from unlocated machines to location, or from location to unlocated machines to relocate machines. Simply click on a machine you wish to move, while holding down the button on your mouse, drag that machine to the new location. If the location is not visible in the tree view, drag the machine off of the tree view window completely up to the top of the screen or down to the bottom of the screen and the tree view will detect what you have done and begin scrolling in the direction you have dragged, the farther away you drag the machine the faster the tree view will scroll.

This type of navigation allows you to see everything in your business from the "30,000 foot level," while making it easy for you to zoom down to the smallest detail.

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