Vending Business Management Software

Big operations or startups benefit from the use of Vending Essentials software. With Vending Essentials you can manage all of your locations, machines, products and much more.

Group locations into accounts and compute commissions, and maintain inventory. Schedule your service dates, view service histories and run analysis reports to view your best selling and worst selling products by location or by time, see trends and profit margins, track any type of expense you want, including inventory and equipment purchases. Customize the software to track the pieces of data that you want to track when and how you want to track them.

Vending Essentials is designed to be fast and easy to use. You decide how detailed you want to be in tracking your business and Vending Essentials - it will function from the most basic features to the most advanced. Powerful software, yet easy to use and understand, at the same time being easy on your pocket book - this is why Vending Essentials is the number one choice for route management software.

Vending Essentials does not limit the number of machines, products, accounts or selections. Click here for more details on all the feature Vending Essentials Premiere has to offer.More benefits are listed below.

Vending Essentials Premiere

Download Price: $299.00

Vending Essentials provides all the right ingredients to harmonize your operations through these all-in-one features:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory Control
  • Graphical Analysis Tool
  • Machine/Location Detail
  • Contact Manager
  • Service Data
  • Product Ranking/Use/Sales
  • Sales Tax/Commissions
  • Route Schedule/Reports
  • Profit/Loss Margins
  • Complete Histories
  • Backup/Export Data
  • Ease of Navigation


Sales Tax - Sales tax can be computed two different ways. The option of applying a different tax rate to different types of products at a single location remains the same but the computation itself has options.
Adjusted (default) - The adjusted method first removes the sales tax amount before performing the calculation so you do not pay tax on the tax.
Straight - The straight option computes sales tax the traditional way by multiplying the sales amount by the percentage.
Closing Graph Windows - You have the option of closing or keeping open any of the graphs that you drill through. For example, if you open the Location sales graph to compare all your locations, then click on your lowest or highest grossing location to view and compare product sales at that location, the can control whether or not the Location graph you clicked on remains open or closed. If you choose to keep reports open you will be able to see multiple graphs and compare them.
Require Password - You have the option of requiring or not requiring a password to login.

Location Detail:
Accounts - Locations can be grouped into accounts. By grouping locations into accounts you can sort and organize your locations, as well as produce commission reports for each account that may be made up of several locations. The account grouping is in preparation for the VE accounting module that will be released later that will allow operators to track bank accounts, loans, alternate sources of revenue, check printing, etc.
If you change the account, or the commission type of a location you are asked if you want to make that same change to any machines that are currently located at that location. This gives operators the flexibility of having machines at the same location but those machines may have a different commission type or be part of a different account if needed.

Machine Detail:
Number of Segments - You have the option of changing the number of segments (selections) of a machine whenever needed.

Current Location Search:
Totals have been added to the bottom of the search window. Whatever is pulled back into the search window will be totaled at the bottom. This allows operators to run add hoc queries just like they used to but they can quickly see totals of the data they have brought back into the search window.

Current Location Detail (Locations w/ Machines):
Separate Accounts/Commissions - Machines can have different commission types or belong to different accounts. By default when machines are placed at a location they will get the account and commission types of the location, but operators can override these settings for each machine.
Keyboard use when servicing - Because of the tree view on the left of the service window older versions did cause more use of the mouse. However in the premier version, the tree view can be controlled with the arrow keys to allow it to function without ever needing to use a mouse. Up and Down arrow keys allow you to scroll up and down the tree view. Left and Right arrow keys allow you to expand or contract items in the tree view. Tab key will move you into the detail window on the right for the tree view item that is selected on the left. Once in the detail window the tab key moves you around trough the detail fields. If you are in the product section of the service window the up and down arrows will scroll you through the products as well as the page up and page down keys. As you tab through the product fields of the service window you will automatically be scrolled to the next product when you tab from the last field of the product section.

Product Detail:
Product Categories - Products can be grouped into operator defined categories (Bulk, Food, Toy, Soda, etc.). The categories can then be compared in graphs and other reports to see how each category is performing. Drill down capability exists on the category graphs to then allow operators to quickly click a category and drill to a product sales graph for just the products in the clicked category.

More Product Reports - There are two new ways to view product usage in addition to all the current product reports.
Product Distribution - This report brings up all the products that were used during a defined date range. For each of the products operators can see which locations the products were placed. An additional option allows operators to view the sales information of the product at each of the different locations. This provides a quick and accurate way of analyzing product performance over time as well as location.
Tried Products - This report quickly shows operators what products have been tried on a route or location. Operators not only see all the products that have been tried at a location but can quickly see and differentiate products that are no longer in use from those currently being used within any given date range supplied.
These reports, in addition to the many others give operators quick and accurate information to allow them to make sure they have the correct product mix to allow for maximum profit as well as detect changes in product performance.

Custom Attributes:
Operators can, for any Location, Machine, Supplier, Sponsor, Account, or Contact, create their own data fields (data elements) that they wish to track. For example, if an operator wants to track a competitors machine or product types at their locations, or track an asset number, bill changer model, board number on a machine, or preferred method of payment for an account, they can. Operators can create as many custom data elements as they want and attach them to locations, machines, etc. These custom attributes can all be queried, for example if an operator chooses to create a model number on machines, they can then query or search for specific machines with a certain model number. All of the custom attributes that operators create are all searchable. This gives operators the flexibility to customize their own software to track the pieces of information that are important to them. And the power to then search, extract and use those pieces of information in any way needed.

Tree View Look and Feel:
For users of the VE Professional series there will be a big change in the look of some of the detail windows. Gone are the service windows that display each product as an individual tab on a located machine. While the tabs are intuitive and easy to use they do have limitations and they are based on an older navigation style.

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